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WiTechs is a young mechanical engineering company – innovative and focused on the future. Established in 2007, today we are already the technology leader in the in-line pre-treatment of wire. Our service range consists of wire pay-offs, systems for the mechanical descaling of wire as well as the coating and cleaning of wire. With us you will give your wire production the best start.

Our team of expert engineers and technicians deliver a high level of value added right at the beginning of the process chain. WiTechs lines meet the most varied surface demands, and provide you with productivity and savings potential. Worldwide, we are linked to a strong partner and sales network, always close to our customers.

Products and services

Overhead Pay-Off UEKA-1

• Tower height 6 m
• Hydraulically tiltable pay-off cones, coil weight capacity up to 3 t
• Loop Accumulator Wagon as wire break protection (optional)
• Scale area covered entirely by tarpaulin (optional)
• Upper guiding roller and loop catcher movable by means of a chain host

Technical specifications:
• Wire diameter (low carbon) 5,5 - 13,5 mm
• Wire passing speed up to 6,0 m/s

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Wire cleaning-coating machine HSBE-3302

• For wire cleaning, wet coating and drying
• Highly energy efficiency due to an innovative design
up to 30% higher coating coverage possible with 80% less energy consumption!
• Suitable for mechanical descaled as well as pickled wire rod
• Automatic tank fluid control combined with refilling

Technical specifications:
Wire diameter 5,5 - 10,0 mm (greater on request)
Wire passing speed up to 4,0 m/s

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Single-Head Sanding Descaler SEZ-2-450

• For removal of scale, rust and surface defects with 1 sanding belt
• 60% more sanding surface than commercially available allows for particularly long sanding belt life and best productivity
• Suitable for any wire quality
• Flyer and sand belt speed independent and seperate adjustable
• Noise-proof design on high level
• 2 Roller Flyersystem (2-RFS)

Technical specifications:
• Wire diameter 5,5 - 8,0 mm (opt. 30 mm)
• Wire passing speed up to 4,0 m/s

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WiTechs GmbH
Sternstr. 9
58675 Hemer

Phone: +49 2372 556390-400
Fax: +49 2372 556390-429
Internet: www.witechs.de
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Andreas Waechter
Sales Engineer
Phone: +49 160 96605199
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Thai Wiretech Co., Ltd.
582/6 Mangkorn road, Khet Pomprabsatrupai
10100 Bangkok

Phone: +66 26 230011
Fax: +66 26 230713
Internet: www.witechs.de
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News & Innovations


The first double-head sanding machine model SEZ-4-300 was gone into operation in a welding wire pre-treatment line with KOCH for an international major customer in Germany.
WiTechs has improved this model with the 2-roll flyer system (2-RFS), which has been proven in the SEZ-2-450 for more than two years.
It´s working with the same external dimensions and the technical data, such as max. wire entry speed of 2.4m/s with two different sanding belts.

Advantages of the 2-roll flyer system are:

  • less vibration during machine operation
  • larger loop and contact surface of the sanding belts
  • less wear of the roller bearings by the support arm
  • better sand belt tracking by increased roll dia. with 12% larger belt contact surface
  • more stable roller guidance
  • compatibility of flyers and flyer drives with SEZ-2-450
  • sanding belt dimensions of 1.440 x 300mm (l x w)

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Optimized wire rod descaling through the further developed Model WBE
  • Suitable for wire rod descaling and surface cleaning of heattreated wire due to linear controlled brushes
  • Wire rod dia. from 2.0 - 10.0mm with WBE-4L / 2 pairs of brushes and up to 16.0mm with WBE-6L / 3 pairs of brushes
  • Flexible and independent use through self-sufficient control on board operated by Siemens® touch panel
  • Automatically re-adjustment of brushes until complete working time due to the linear control
  • Precise positioning of the brushes is possible thanks to the sensor-controlled linear drives
  • Long lifetime of brushings due to a high efficency degree
  • State of the art machines and brushes technology from a single source!

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Inline Pre-Treatment Solution for P.C. Strandwire

WiTechs Mechanical Descaling Equipment and Electro-Phosphating Line (Ephos®) from STAKU

The wire rod is subsequently propelled by a horizontal wire rod pay-off system in a combined pull-in, bending and straightening machine (BDM-2S / EG). The scale layer is broken and the wire is straightened without cracks. The wire pull in is considerably facilitated by this system concept.

In the following double-head sanding descaler (SEZ-6-302S), the wire will be cleaned and surface pre-treated for the further coating process through two sanding belts with min. 98% cleanliness result.

The next wire preparation step is done by an electro-phosphating plant (Ephos®) Inline from STAKU.

Production range:
Wire inlet ø8.0 – 15.0mm
Wire outlet drawing speed up to 10m/s
Wire inlet speed up to 1.5m/s

For example:
Wire inlet ø13.0mm
Finished wire ø5.0mm
Wire inlet speed 1.2m/s
Wire outlet drawing speed 8m/s

Mechanical descaling with inline phosphating at the same drawing speeds as conventionally pickled wires without sacrificing quality.

Advantages of this electrolytic process compared to classical chemical phosphating:

  • Bath temperature only 45 ° C instead of 80 ° C
  • Sludge-free process
  • 33% less zinc by replacement with calcium
  • 40% lower chemical requirements due to compact and fine crystalline layer
  • 3 seconds coating time compared to 7 minutes for classic procedures
  • Elimination of highly toxic activation chemicals
  • High binding forces prevent shearing during forming
  • No waste of old acid, use of economy flushing technology reduces
    wastewater by 40%
  • No after-treatment with soaps, lime or similar

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