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IDEAL- Werk Germany , your reliable partner for welding machines since 1923

...since its founding in 1923, the family business has been owned by the C. + E. Jungeblodt family. A small operation grew into an internationally active machine manufacturer – a long-standing reliable partner for many customers. Our employees, their commitment, their skill and their loyalty have made IDEAL into what it is today.

We are an innovative company in machinery and plant engineering. Our core competency is resistance welding and laser welding. We are quite successful in using our excellence and expertise for our customers in a wide range of industries and for many applications. We are considered to be one of the technology leaders. As a creative solution provider in joining technology, we enjoy worldwide recognition in our field.

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Find your welding solutions for conductors and cables: Conductor and cable welding machines IDEAL LS series conductor welding machines are specially designed for the effective joining of conductors and cables as well as sector-shaped and solid conductors of aluminium and copper using the chamber welding process. This creates a homogeneous, pore- and burr-free joint. Here you will find your butt welding solutions for wire joining: IDEAL DS and AS series butt welding machines have been specifically designed for the effective joining of steel, aluminium and copper wires. Their strengths lie in the realisation of precise, repeatedly accurate and draw-resistant butt welds.

DSH and DSF Butt welding for wire joining

IDEAL type DSH and DSF butt welding machines for the joining
of steel, aluminium and copper wires.

With IDEAL type DSH and DSF butt welding machines, precise, repeatedly accurate and draw-resistant butt welds are achieved.

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CNC-jig welder Type CSR 102 Versaweld™

Optimal welding solutions for wire & mesh production of wire products/goods:
The jig welding machine Type CSR 102 Versaweld™ with significant advantages over the traditional universal robots. For the flexible production and combination of different wire and sheet metal products. #theIDEALbeast

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Arc, Laser or Flash Butt welding Coil joining solution

IDEAL-Werk Type AS & LBS & LAS Coil joining solution:
The requirements on coil joints are constantly increasing.
For this reason, we rely on the benefits of laser welding technology – high welding speeds and excellent welding quality.

Reliable MIG/MAG, TIG or plasma welds are produced, which serve the continuous coil replacement without interruption.

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News & Innovations

Ideal Type BAS series, here you will findyour welding solutions for saw bands, band knives and steel strip

Butt and flash butt welding machines
Type BSS and BAS IDEAL butt and flash butt welding machines are designed for the efficient joining of saw bands, band knives and steel strip.

Their strengths lie in precise, heavy-duty butt welding that can be reproduced in high quality. Emphasis was on the operator when designing the machine, with simple, ergonomic operation in mind.

The compact and robust design of the machine with its intuitive operation is aimed not only at industrial use in wood- and metal-processing operations, but also in mobile repairs.

Used around the world, IDEAL BSS and BAS butt welding machines have been proving their quality and reliability on a day-to-day basis … and have been doing so for decades.

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  • Advantages
  • Butt welding machines up to a width of 50 mm
  • Flash butt welding machines BAS 040 - 065
  • Flash butt welding machine BAS 300 series
  • You will find further products in the "belt joint" category
  • Accessories

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Innovations at IDEAL for Automotive Good ideas arise when you have the leeway to think outside the box.
One new machine a year – that is the rate of innovations that shaped the history of IDEAL.

Welding solutions for automotive customers
For many years we have been an accepted partner to the automotive supply industry.

Our customers in the automotive sector are national and international companies.
We offer you automated welding machines and robot solutions based on resistance welding technology.

Programmable NC-controlled multi-point or projection welding machines are available for a wide variety of connections.

Typical automotive applications for our resistance welding machines are:

Alloy and steel rims for two-wheelers, cars and commercial vehicles
starter wreaths
Nut and stud welds
Reinforcement profiles on doors or chassis
Seat frames made of sheet metal, pipe or wire
lumbar supports
Aluminum frame for sun roofs

IDEAL comes up with good ideas time and again.
Because the joy in finding outstanding solutions is our constant stimulus.
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IDEAL All-rounder – Type GA mesh welding machine Optimal welding solutions for mesh production of wire products/goods
In two minutes: Type GA mesh welding machines
IDEAL mesh welding machines are in widespread use in the wire goods industry.

Leading manufacturers of wire goods rely on IDEAL machines in order to be able to fabricate the base grids for their products in a flexible and economical manner.

When required, IDEAL automatic production lines perform additional processes such as punching, embossing, bending, etc. on the product, ensuring that a finished product is achieved at the end of the line.
They are, for example, ideally suited for the production of fences and industrial mesh in single or double wire for 2D, 3D, 358, grates or machine protective grating as well as for the production of cable trays or mesh floors.
Subsequently, only the finish / surface coating has to be performed.
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