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Lubrication solutions for industry.

As the oldest German manufacturer of industrial lubricants, BECHEM is today one of the leading producers of high-quality special lubricants and metal working fluids.

BECHEM products convince by innovative formulations in most different industrial applications – in machining and forming metal working processes, in coating technology or as for-life lubricant in various technical components.

A powerful network of distributors and several national and international production sites ensure that BECHEM products are readily available worldwide.

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The wire drawing lubricants of the BECHEM Unopol and Berudraw series belong to the leading global brands in wire production and processing. Their excellent drawing performance and service life satisfy wire manufacturers all over the world. Through continous research and development BECHEM ensures the highest level of quality and productivity for all applications in the demanding field of wire production.

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News & Innovations

Beruforge 150 Series - Phosphate-free wire coating

With the coating lubricants of the Beruforge 150 series, BECHEM offers a real alternative to phosphatisation in wire coating. The reduction of production steps results in a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and cost-saving manufacture.

  • Elimination of the lubricant carrier layer results in lower drag-in of solid substances during the forming process and thus in improved cleanliness of the machine
  • Extended lifetime of the forming oils
  • Up to 20 % longer lifetime of the forming tools
  • Easy handling by excellent adhesion and quick drying
  • Easy application by immersion or in the final drawing step
  • Excellent long-life corrosion protection by lubricant matrix with mixture or organic and inorganic components
  • Suitable for all non-phosphate coated wire surfaces and qualities as well as for stainless materials and aluminium surfaces
BECHEM Unopol S - Fully synthetic products in copper wire drawing

Through the consequent and continous development of fully synthetic drawing lubricants BECHEM faces the challenge to substitute drawing emulsions. With the new BECHEM Unopol S-series fully synthetic drawing lubricants are now available which exceed by far the performance of drawing emulsions and minimise emulsion related maintenance.

  • Very good lubricating properties, very low wear of dies-
  • Only low formation of copper salt (no blue drawing solutions)
  • No sticking at high service concentrations
  • Clean drawing machines based on optimal wetting
  • Long lifetime of the drawing solutions
  • No absorption of tramp oil
  • Excellent filterability
  • Hardness and electrolyte stability
  • Very good bio stability
  • Stable pH-value
  • Low foam formation
BECHEM Unopol AL Series

Aluminium is replacing cupreous conductors in more and more applications. Traditionally, aluminium wires are drawn with oil. Especially in rod breakdown processes relatively high-viscous oils have been the state of the art for a long time. The use of such oils leads, however, to a contamination of machines and surroundings; since filtration of the used oil is possible to a limited extent only, processing residues and oil will stick on the wire surface. The use of emulsions offers various advantages:

  • Improved cooling
  • Easy wash off
  • Low formation of residues
  • Savings of mineral oil >50 % are possible

Emulsions are the best choice for enamelled wire production. The wire drawing lubricants of the BECHEM Unopol AL series cover even the most demanding rod wire drawing operations. Even copper and aluminium wire drawing machines which currently operated with oil, can be adjusted to this new technology.

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