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BECHEM Unopol S - Fully synthetic products in copper wire drawing

Through the consistent and continuous development of fully synthetic drawing lubricants BECHEM faces the challenge to substitute synthetics where drawing emulsions are used.
The new BECHEM Unopol S series fully synthetic drawing lubricants are now available and exceed, by far, the performance of drawing emulsions and minimize emulsion related maintenance.

  • Very good lubricating properties, very low die wear
  • Only low formation of copper salt (no blue drawing solutions)
  • No sticky residues at high service concentrations
  • Clean drawing machines based on optimal wetting
  • Long lifetime of the drawing solutions
  • No absorption of tramp oil
  • Excellent filterability
  • Hardness and electrolyte stability
  • Very good bio stability
  • Stable pH-value
  • Low foam formation
  • Low addition rate


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